Radon is a highly inert radioactive gas which is produced due to the disintegration of Uranium. Since it is a radioactive element it does not stay in its stable state for long and continues to decay producing more radioactive elements termed as radon daughter components. Since radioactive elements naturally exist deep down in the earth, therefore the presence of a small amount of radon in the soil is unavoidable. Also due to the constant emission of radiations a small quantity of radon is also found in the air. However at times due to some chemical changes or trapping of this air in a closed space for too long this concentration of radon starts exceeding.Radon Mitigation

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas therefore it is very difficult to detect its presence. Therefore a series of tests are performed to not only confirm its presence but also to find out its exact concentration in your surroundings. After its presence and concentration have been confirmed and it exceeds the standard level of 4 picocurie per liter a process called Radon Mitigation is performed to tackle this issue. Aftermitigationhas been executed properly a series of tests are performed again to compare the radon levels before and after the mitigation and calculate to what extent the process has been found effective.

Is radon lead to poisoning?

Although there is no safe or acceptable level of radon as prescribed by the health authorities and biomedical scientists, but still there is a convention that if radon’s level exceeds 4 picocurie per liter you should be worried about radon exposure leading to radon poisoning as radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers claiming around 26 percent of lives due to lung cancer.

Radon test result:

There are two types of tests that are performed prior to radon mitigation namely short term and long term tests. The short term tests provide the results quicker and require only 2 hours to a week at most to calculate the level of radon in the air or the water body. Whereas the long term tests take a lot longer to give the results and require somewhere between 3 months to a year to find the radon level. Although short term tests are quicker and one is inclined to choose them over the long term tests but experts recommend taking the long term tests. They are more accurate in their results and are more reliable.

There are two ways to perform mitigation. If the problem is extremely severe then it is advised to seek professional help and you should hire a professional service to do the job for you. However if the problem is not that serious and there is a slight elevation in the radon levels then you may even buy a radon mitigation kit and perform the procedure yourself. When it comes to mitigation of air, the air can be cleansed thoroughly. However water cannot be mitigated in advance and devices are installed near the source of the water dispenser to clean the water on the spot before use.

Home Sweet Home

A home is where you can be in our comfort zone, a place which reflects your personality and is a showcase of our likings and disliking. Your home tells other about your persona – bright or light, fill with warmth or with charm, regal or casual, thus, your home mirrors you. To make a house a home is one of the most tiring and painstaking tasks as it requires your heart and soul. Everyone has a dream home in their mind and to realize that dream, you require quality and affordable stuff.PATIO SOFAS


Patios are the extended, paved portion of a house, typically used for sitting or leisure time. Many restaurants and eateries have patios for outdoor sitting. Sometimes a roof is added to the patio for protection from the sun. Patios are often tiled or cobbled. It is a common practice to have some furniture and decorations on the patio, to make it look better and useful. Tables, chairs, sofas, barbeque places, sports or games, rugs are often placed in patios.

Patio Sofas

Patios are often used for gatherings and functions, so furniture is a necessity. PATIO SOFAS are a trendy way to make your patio looks more comfortable and full-fledged. There are so many different options for sofas you can opt for. Mostly such sofas are preferred which can endure the weather changes like rain and sunlight. The material used is mostly aluminum or plastic or synthetic wood. Bamboo wood, metallic and glass sofas are also very much in fashion. Single seats, benches and sofa sets can be chosen from depending on how comfortable you want to have the seat. Lounge seats are also common. Sofa sets often have tables with them.

Choosing a suitable furniture piece

While choosing your patio sofas can be a challenge! Yes! Our homes are dear to us, so when we choose the furniture we must be careful to choose only the best. First of all, always go for a light and easy-to-clean design for the outdoor. Go for bright colors, or opt for the monochromatic theme. Black, grey, red or yellow can give a classy look to your patio. You can add colorful and bright-patterned cushions to better the look. You can also have a rocking chair or recliner for a more comfortable time. Always choose something which is of good quality, even if a bit costlier because it will last longer. Quality stuff will not only give an exquisite look but will also save you from the tension of maintenance. Plastic furniture will look good for few years but it will eventually wear out due to weather. You can also look out for such pieces which will double as alternate things like an ottoman can also be used as a sofa. This will save your space because patio has a limited area. patio sofas are a definite fixture for your home!

With just a little use of money and brains, you can convert your patio into an elegant and purposeful dining and sitting area.

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